Free Yamaha Manuals On .PDF

Since a lot of folks want to get a .pdf version of the manual to save on their computers, here's the link to where you can find them. They're from the Australian Yamaha site, but this link will take you there without having to search. Keep in mind however, they are the international versions with French, German and Spanish supplements. You can edit those pages out if you have a password removal program and Adobe Acrobat. IMHO, these are actually better versions than the US, as they have tuning sections in them that go into proper carb adjustment, engine management, etc. that are omitted from the manuals given out in the States. Enjoy :thumbsup: ...SC

Loads! Thanks for the Link! :thumbsup:


Thanx, these are the same issued with a new Yammie here in SA.

Thanks. Great Find.


2005 WR 450

Still no sign of wr400 '99 manual.

both '98 and '00 are published, but there are minor diffrences to 99.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Thanks, I've been looking for this.

Many thanks!


Very nice manual. I have edited it and removed all the other languages.

So if someones got a place to host it let me know i'll e-mail it to you.


How did you get around the password in order to edit it? I don't want to print 700 pages and only use a quarter of them. How large of a file is your english only version?

its now like a 30mb file.

I have the resetting utility. Like I said if someone has a place to put the MANUAL (ftp server) let me know i'd be happy to upload it anywhere.

(and no i am not going to send everyone the pword reset utility so please stop asking, its corporate software) :devil:

great link it has everything

thank you !!!

all the companies need to do that!!!

Great job. Thanks for the link you just saved me $75.

Thanks this has been a great find!:cheers:

Are the Austrailian versions of the WR250 the same as the US version? Would all of the specs be the same? The point is, are these manuals valid for the US versions of our bikes?

Are the Austrailian versions of the WR250 the same as the US version? Would all of the specs be the same? The point is, are these manuals valid for the US versions of our bikes?

I've compared the two versions for the 450 and they are identical except for the added tuning sections that are part of the Aussie version. I don't know about the 250. Do some homework and find out...SC

Instead of cutting up the pdf you can select to print only the pages you want, this is for the 2006 model WR450F(V) (hence the thread trawl) workshop manual number 5TJ-28199-43

The pdfs are possibly becoming more relevant because as in my case i've just bought a used WR with no manual or toolkit.


page numbers will need a tweak after you copy them board is inserting a space at the line wrap during entry, I havn't tried printing it yet, will be interesting to see how many arguments the printing dialog will handle :smirk:

Edited by FzerozeroT
page numbers have dodgy spaces

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