Big Gun SystemQ/A

I have a WBros silencer on my 99 WR right now and have no regrets. But have a line on complete BigGun system header and all which will ease oil filter change also. Looking for some feedback from anyone on pros/cons for this setup. Note: BigGun is used but right price I hope?

Question 1 > Is it the SDS system? If so and you have an IMS tank with the pet cock valve on the right side, it will not work. The head pipe will touch the pet cock value. I made that mistake, fortunately Big Gun took it back on return. I had it on for 10 minutes, liked what the system did, but I did not want to blow up. If you do not have the IMS tank, then I believe it is a very good system. good luck


Fred WB will be for sell if deal goes, but found out today system is on ebay so it could be anyones?

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