Barnums pipe

I finally got my edelbrock dialed except one minor flaw at 1/8-1/4 throttle it runs a little rough if held at constant throttle. Im using the Barnums pro exhaust and at first I was disappointed that I lost a decent chunk of low end and some of the snap at off idle that the stock exhaust had but I gained loads of mid-top. After getting the edelbrock dialed I seemed to have regained my low end and more snap than it had before. It feels like motocross style power delivery. I like it. Traction suffers quite a bit over stock but you get up to speed sooooo much faster when it does hook up. One more bonus I found out when I first got the exhaust is if you remove the end cap and run it open is it gets even snappier and revs really quick. I had to try it now that I got the tuning done. Its almost like riding a cr500 especially traction-wise. I never though my XR650 would be steering with the rear wheel. I was riding with a friend tonight and even he stopped to me ask what I had done because I was tossing 20-25ft rooster tails. Im really loving this pipe and If I had to do it all over again I would buy this pipe again. I cant wait to bump up to 680 11:1 with Robs mid-cam and oversize valves. Like they say sooner or later the ground becomes the weak link. I think im already there. I would have liked to see what the thunder alley pipe was like. Anyone else tried it? Can anyone else chime in and confirm my findings with Robs pipe?

Right now im only running Barnums pipe/CNC airbox combo with edelbrock carb, Uni filter, Hi-flo screen, uncorked, stock gearing. I cant imagine how hard it would hit with 13/51 gearing. :thumbsup:

The Moriwaki flows just as much as Barnum's, maybe a little more (head pipes just a tad bigger) I was a Barnum's when he was getting his system tweaked to the final system and I was waiting for it but, it took to long for him to get it made for him in large numbers to sell. Barnum did say that one of the reasons my bike might be getting a little more horse power on the dyno then his was because of the Moriwaki. Good points of the Moriwaki is that it is all Stainless steel but, it is a little heavier then Barnum's because of the bigger muffler. In the end the Moriwaki is the best made and was only $411 delivered to my door. The nice thing about Barnum's is it is rebuild-able, if he has the parts on hand and it was to come with different end tips for different sound..

hey Bruce,

just wanted to say that DGA is good to go as far as the flowing info gos he has stood up and made right all the neg stuff off the other 500 group. have you told him about the project 680 you are going to undertake in a short while. DGA YOU ARE ALL RIGHT IN MY BOOK.....


Thanks Jay.

I have the same prob.

Have an Edelbrock and bike ran great as far as rideability until I replaced the stock header with an XR's Only header a month ago. Lots more mid and top with new header, using same PC T-4 Tail Can before and after. Nothing drastic but now at low steady throttle have a fall-off and catch, fall-off and catch, like it's lean. My baseline where the only change between headers was 17 clicks with 19 needle. After the header change it was lean, poor response and popping. Tried the rich needle but was too much at WOT, wouldn't rev out. Right now it's at 14 clicks with 19 needle and runs good except for the slight stumble if you hit a bump. Open the throttle and it pulls hard and will hit rev limiter. At 12 clicks it was rich, this at 3500' alt.

2002 XR650R, Edelbrock, open side panel, HRC cam, XR's only header, PC T-4 Tail Piece, stock filter & screen.

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