Edelbrock question. YES another one.

Got my bike pretty much dialed. I can whack the throttle open right off idle and the bike will snap to life in an instant wheelspin. My problem lies in 1/8-1/4 throttle if held at the same throttle opening it runs rough like cutting out and then surges. Maybe I need to turn it one more click richer? I can never seem to get it to go away even when I turn it so rich that black smoke starts coming out on idle. Ive used new exhaust header gaskets so I think I can rule out an exhaust leak? Maybe I need to check the header/muffler junction?

Any ideas peeps?

I would call Edelbrock 877-888-7504 M-F 8-5 PST they are quite helpful.

0-1/3 throttle is needle adjustment, 1/3 to full throttle is needle size...you may need a Float level adjustment...don't forget the basic's like spark plug and air filter(over oiled?)


When this has happened to me I had one of two problems.

1) A couple times through the years the throttle cable stretched the throttle did not turn smoothly or I routed the throttle cable wrong. You can feel that though.

2) The other times it was the squirt time on the pumper was too short. Fixed the squirt and problem gone. All the richening in the world will not help in fact it may make it worse if your not getting enough fuel from the initial squirt of the pumper.

it would help if you gave us your settings and other upgrades to your bike..

oldmantime, which way did you route your cable. i have kinda just dealt with the fact that when i turn my bars all the way one way it surges a little. no matter what routing method i tried it always seemed to do it.

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