traffic exhaust????

Just pull the exhaust baffle. More noise for free.

What you really want to do is what is called "Dave's mods." It will make it run much better. The details are in past posts on this forum.

Are you F'in' kidding me "the loudest exhuast possible", LOUD PIPES DO NOT SAVE lives

Take the advanced MSF course (I'm assuming you've taken the basic or at least have some riding history)

Read "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough and "More Proficient Motorcycling".

Buy a White, Red, Orange or Yellow Helmet.

Buy the Icon Mil-Spec vest ($49) or a Aerostitch Darien Hi-Vis Jacket ($499)

Mount some Driving Lights on the Front of Your bike PIAA makes some sleek Pencil beam type lights that are high intensity for like $50

Get a Louder Horn! Pipes direct sound at the cars behind you (why would you wanna warn cars where you've been not where you're going?)

Loud Pipes are gonna piss off other motorists, your neighbors, the cops and anyone else but you. :lame:

Loud Pipes :thumbsup:

FWIW I'm running an aftermarket exhaust (Big Gun Race w/quiet core), it's the maximum LEGAL db, but I wish it were quieter. The stock exhaust is heavy and restrictive and an aftermarket pipe helps the bike get more oomph but you want the quietest system you can find. WB EB series quiet are supposed to be the best.

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