YZ450 Suspension Settings?

I cant seem to get my suspension to work right

What are the best settings for a 215 pound novice rider on a 2004 yz450 stock springs sag at 100mm

1. botton clickers out ?

2. Top clickers out ?

3. bottom rear clickers out ?

4. Top rear clickers out ?


no one?????????????????????????????????????????????????

You are going to need a stiffer rear spring as you weigh around what I do. Set all the clickers back to the stock settings then adust from there. And as you will read in the below link, make sure you let the air out of your front forks. :thumbsup:


The reason why you are not getting replays to this post, is every rider requires different settings depending on how they ride, experience and too many other things to list.


What do you mean....doesn't work right?

Stock suspension on that bike is for a 180lber.....put all back to stock then slow down the rebound and compression 2-3 clicks to start - adj to H

You need fork springs and a rear spring for your weight....see this for guidence:


or send to a suspension tuner for complete service revalve and springs....

Well let me refrase this ? then

What are the best settings for what I have right now

I am going to have pro action do the suspension as soon as I can get around to it.

And not ride my bike for a weekend is my problem with that....

but I'm sure its worth it

Had them do my 426 and what a friggin difference

I am in the neighborhood of 200Lbs and found these settings to be pretty good:

Forks: Turned the compression out to 11 and the rebound to 10.

Shock: I set the ride height at 100mm, the rebound on 12 clicks out and the low-speed compression on 12.

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