'93 Xr650l Suspension Linkage Question.

Hello Folks! I am in the process of dismantling an '93 XR 650L in order to paint the frame and lubricate all bearings. I removed the suspension linkage and soaked them overnight with kerosene to clear it out of all the dust, grease, etc... The next morning, i blew it out with compressed air and to my astonishment most, if not all the pins from the linkage needle bearings blew out!!! :thumbsup::lame: Are those pins removable?, can i put them back in place? That is if i can find them! Does it mean that i have to replace all the linkage bearings? or i can just try to find them one by one and put them back together? I know they're quite expensive and such a pain to replace. Thanks!

The pins are removeable, and normally fall out quite easily. You can buy new bearing assemblies, and probably should anyway. They normally fit in there loosly. The way you get them to stay in during assembly is to have them stuck in there with cold grease. If you buy just the bearing assemblies from Honda, they are pretty cheap.

Instead of painting the frame, get it powder coated. I have the frames on my '95 650L and '99 CR500R powder coated red. :thumbsup:

Pivot works make a linkage kit that includes all bearings and seals to rebuild the linkage, sell from $50- 70 on ebay, or you can get a bike shop to order them or possibly through the TT store. Lotsofbikes is right get your frame powdercoated, you may want to get other chassis parts done too, swingarm, fork legs, rear peg brackets, engine covers, options are limitless and the array of colors available is amazing!

Does anything have to be pressed out of those links or can you disassemble/assemble them by hand? The reason I ask is I bought a '93 'L' that had a lowering link in it - and I'd like to put the stock link back in. I have the original link, but the grease fittings and bearings have been removed from it (presumably moved to the lowering link).

Being that you have the linkage apart, you should look into the 94 on up linkage. I believe it will lower your bike an 1" if you so desire. I had a 93 and I remember that the 94 model had a reduced seat height of about an inch.

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