Its Here:-)

Just got the new 07 oh yeah..... rode it for about an hour today... so sick :thumbsup:


Half yer luck..

Nice white one too.

Seems to stand up ok supported by the handlebar.. :thumbsup:


freakin awesome man!!!!

The white is so bad ass!!!

very cool congrats :thumbsup:

looks awesome man, good luck with it. Any complaints so far?

i have a blue one ordered. THe white looks sick but im curious as to how the white holds up after a while. I figured it would start to tan...kinda like my white sg-10's. Either way, congrats on the sick bike

man that looks good, i like the white a lot.

btw: is that a 739 on the front ?

congrats on the new bike!

Reyn - Yeah its a 739,

Thanks for all the comments guys, Going riding all day tomorrow, cant wait.


have fun.

Awsome man, looks sick! :thumbsup::lame:

That's a nice bike there. I personally like the white ones, too.

Gratz man !!! Love the white

My blue plastic looks very tatterd :-(


2005 Yamaha 450F

2006 Kawasaki 400 KFX

2004 Yamaha 250F (sold)

2007 Honda or a Yamaha 450 ( real soon)

nice! keep us posted on how you like it, i am sure all of us will be checking back here tomorow to hear how your ride was so don't let us down!! have fun man

The Bike is sick! Love it, had a 06 CFR to ride back to back with, yami feels really hooked up i felt i could get on it much earlier then the Honda, turning felt similar but once again the yami feels lighter, as far as motor the Honda feels like a beast, just all over the place, but after a few pavement drag races :-) yami is right there side by side, maybe because the Honda doesn't hook up as well makes it feel like your on a beast. Overall i am very happy with my decision. Go Yamaha!

Not to hijack or anything but I've been told you can get the white lines out of the blue plastic with heat. To "bleach" the white you can use a little kerosene. I used it on my front fork plastics and it's great. Careful tho it even bleachs your skin. I found this out by cleaning my air filter in a bucket with the kerosene and the bucket turned out a lighter color. I hear gas will eat air filters tho.

You have what I want....

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