I Picked Up XR650LYesterday! New Guy Post!

Hey All,

First off thanks for your answers to your questions in the last week or so regarding the L vs R models!

Well, i pulled the trigger and picked up a 06 Leftover XR650L yesterday. I decided with all the BS going on with the DMV and such i didnt want to risk converting an R model and getting it pulled so i wanted everything on the up and up. As for the bike, I only took it for a little spin yesterday because it was late when we got home, but i am very happy to have a bike after a 7 year hiatis of riding.

About me:

30 years old, live in San Diego, been riding since age 12 or so, used to race hare scrambles back east, havent been on a bike in 7 years or so due to a nasty road bike incident, going to take a little bit to "get back into it"

I recently decided on getting back into riding again after borrowing someone decked out XR650L in Baja a few weeks ago and blasting around, i was hooked! :thumbsup:

This bike will be used for dual sporting trips around so cal and trips to baja! Looking forward to meeting some fellow forum member for some riding trips!

Mods coming soon and all will be well documented!


Congrat's on the new ride...Let the mods begin....... :thumbsup:

I also was in one of those nasty road bike incidents. The XRL has definitly got me motivated to be on two wheels again. Good luck!

Wll dont waste your time in here , get out and :lame:


Wll dont waste your time in here , get out and :lame:


Yup, gotta get my permit renewed (never renewed it when i moved to CA) then i am legal beagal! Work schedule and DMV schedule dont make it to easy :p

Ready for the dirt now! :bonk:

wow , thats what my bike looked like new??

It dont look like that no more , LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Nice pic

Nice man...good call

Watch them R haters...lol

Once you get used to her and then uncork the piggy, you will be in heaven. NICE BIKE

Congrats! Had a bit of a hiatus myself. I nearly bought a new 'L myself but found a dual sported R for sale near my house for cheap. Otherwise I'd be doing the same thing due to the legal hassle. Have fun. Sure wish mine had a comfortable seat & the magic button!

Kool! Great bike and congrats!

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