Clarke Tank and IMS Seat For Sale

Brand new Clarke Tank and IMS Seat. Both were mounted on the WR but never used. Not a scratch!

make me an offer i can't refuse...i'll also throw in a new YZF rear fender and a slightly used white number plate, both in excellent condition, will not separate. Heck, i'll even ship for free as long as it's going to the U.S.....

Cleaning out the WR stable and everything has got to go.



I'm looking for all of those things, however... I really need a tall foam seat. How much for the lot ? Shipping to Europe I would pay on top.

I'm looking but what size tank and color. you can reach me at 805 427-3594. ps iwould like to buy today if possible, thanks.

The tank is the 3.2 gal. and the color is blue. I'd sell the whole lot for 200 bucks.

i'll give "The MIssle" the first option to buy.


Dangit! Timing is everything. I just got a new YZ tank and seat from Clarke the day before yesterday. Whoever gets it should be happy with it. I rode my bike yesterday with the new seat and tank and now my WR actually turns.

WR-Rider, thanks for the dibs...but I spent my cash already...Taffy was the lucky winner.


Ronsurf, i tried calling a couple of times but it does not seem to be working on my end.

Any takers???

Will your stuff fit 02 WR 426?..does the color match newer model's?



I sent you E-mail, I would like to purchase

im interested in the seat , I just bought a yz tank

I just sold the WR about 3 weeks ago, i've gone "Orange" for now, so I'm selling everything together.

I tried to send a response to all the e-mails i got about this. I was unable to sign in for a while so i'm not sure who is stil linterested in everything. If any of you guys are, send me an e-mail or just reply to this. I'll go in order of the original e-mails received. I guess Cobra2go is first in line based on the e-mails i had when i got home tonight. unless someone before him replies....

sorry for any confusion.


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