Rainy days and fat tires...

i got up this morning with all intentions of going on my unions annual charity ride, the sound of rain hitting the skylights in my room quickly changed my mood. (i already gave a donation to the ride so it didnt matter if i was there or not) well, i tried to get over there (30 mile ride just to the start point) but after the first mile or so i decided to take that left turn and head for the bike shop and pick up my new tires (pirelli mt21s 90x90-21f 140x80-18r). hmmm, interesting riding home with them, but all is well.

so as not to waste a day i put them on figuring tomorrows forecast is a little better maybe ill get a chance to go out and play. after about 45 mins of tire changing crazyness theyre on (rear has about 1/4" clearance from chainguard). by about that time it was getting a little warm in the garage so up came the door and to my suprise a ray of sun starting to break through the clouds...

so anyway on went the riding gear and off i went :lame: ... what a difference the mt21s are from the stockers, road holding felt pretty confident even with the still wet streets and the trails were fun as hell even with the slightly muddy conditions. woo hoo :thumbsup: ... thank you rain for motivating me to do something

I went out riding in the rain with my bald stockers :thumbsup:

did i mention i was being LAZY :thumbsup:

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