WR 426 Valve check time

I hate to admit it, but I usually bring my bike in to the dealer to have the valves checked and adjusted if need be. They haven't moved out of spec so far luckily. For many reasons, I think it's time to learn to do it myself. :thumbsup:

I would like some hints, advice, suggestions, short cuts, do's and dont's, etc. from those of you who do your own valve checks. How much time does it take? How complicated is the task?

The bike is a 2002 so Im wondering if there's anything else I should be upgrading while I'm in there. Is this the time to replace the piston, throw in a decomp cam, or replace any other wear items? At what clearances is it time to consider new valves? What kind of valves are people having good luck with, stock, del west, kibble white?

Thanks for the input and suggestions. The old girl still runs like a champ and I have no interest in trading her in. :lame:

Search Engine works well.....

Take your time don't get in a hurry allow one or two evenings for your first time. Do Not under anycircumstances over torque the cam holding cap bolts (the bolts that hold the cam to the head) Read the manual first . set the clearances to the loose side of the tolerance you will not notice any performance differnce and your motor will last longer between valve adjustments. good luck

Checking the valves is easy. If they need adjusting, that is another story but it is not that difficult.

Pick up a repair manual, I have both the factory Yamaha and a Clymer manual, either will work. If you are in the San Diego area I am willing to loan you a manual and even assist if you need it. Good luck.

Search Engine works well.....

I know how to use a serach engine. Don't be such a whacker?

whacker.... :thumbsup:

just a thought mate, has helped me alot.

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