Why do the YZ's have 19" wheels and our Wr's only 18"

I wondered why the YZ's (and it's competitors) use 19" wheels over our 18's, anyone??

I'm guessing it's kind of like the difference between a Ferrari with a large diameter wheel and a thin sidewall tire vs. a Lincoln Continental with a smaller wheel with a taller sidewall.

The more all around vehicle uses a tire with a softer feel, and a more forgiving sidewall. A competition tire is more of a 'no compromise' deal. It needs to be fast more so than long lasting or comfortable.

I could be totally wrong though... :thumbsup:

18" is better for off-road b/c the higher sidewall reduces the likelihood of pinch flats. It also has more compliance for a slightly better ride, though that's a secondary benefit.

19" wheel and tire combo weighs less than an 18" wheel and tire combo.

The 19" tire, with its shorter sidewall and slightly smaller footprint digs in better in the so called "perfect" conditions at the track. It doesn't work as well in other conditions such a mud and sand or protect the rim as well against rocks. Also for the reasons everyone else stated.

Thanks guys for all the info. Sounds great, not for me though, which was the hidden agenda, lol.

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