RE: Larger Wave Rotor Upgrades

What kind of options do i have to upgrade to the new style Wave rotors? maybe even larger high performance front one as well?

Zipty racing sells a larger rotor and bracket to relocate the caliper. The super motard guys do a similar set up for $250. US . :thumbsup:


Other than looking cool, is there any benefit to using a wave rotor than a standard floating disc?

I have been running wave rotors for years now. I really cant say I can feel the difference. The Galfer wave rotors float up front as well as they seem to last longer than stock ones for me. :lame: I dont think you will feel a performance difference but some riders are more sensitive to subtle changes. :thumbsup:

they have been using them on racing snowmobiles for years now, they say it's lighter and cools better then stock, and like one pound of rotating mass is like 7 pounds of spring weight. I guess this may be similar to bikes as well.....But they do look cool also....and if i get the larger diameter one it will be better brake performance for endos......

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