426 ride hieght adjustment

I have just bought an 01 YZF426 in mint condition and would like to know is it possible and how hard is it to lower the ride height as I am just touching the ground. I have adjusted the damper back to standard 10 clicks out (as this was screwed right in) and reset the high compression damper to standard. The rear spring I assume is standard as I can't see any ID colors on it anywhere. Am I on the right track or not a bit confused at this stage I think all I have done is made it softer :thumbsup:

I am now a converted 4 banger!

You can put a lowering link on the rear end. It drops the seat height 1.5 inches. Do a search on here, the company was called MMS...I think.

you can also adjust your rear shock and set correct race sag. check out some of zip-tys suspension equipment. check out the suspension set up on the home page here which gives great tips on how to set up your suspension.

thanks for that. I am 1 of these blokes who used to ride 12 years ago and as you can appreciate there have been heaps of changes to bikes over that period of time. I have had quite a big jump!

IT 125 realy old 1980?

KDX 175 fairly old 1982? great bike excellent hill climber

IT 250 1983

YZF 426 01

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