cam question.xr600r

i just got my cam and valve cover back from barnums. had the cam hardwelded and ground to mid profile, rockers also welded. look good. my ? is, the cam has a grey coating on it, for protection i'am guessing. does this coating need to be removed before install? thanks. tim. p.s. any recomendations for jetting. 1986 dual carbs. i already have larger main jets due to earlier mods, 135, 3 or 4 sizes larger than stock now. 100mm piston 10.5:1, open air box, k&n. stock headpipe ceramic coating.

No, Do not remove the(coating)It is a heat treat ....Install as is with proper assembly lube.....

maybe richen it a couple sizes bigger,Keep a eye on the plug color..


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