need help, please

on a 2002 YZF 426:

need help, trying to remove steering head nut. it wont budge. please tell me that I am turning it the right way. (standard: left = loose, right = tight).

I know I know, tried the search found nothing.

anyone have any suggestions. I am needing to repack the steering head bearings.

counter clock-wise to loosen and I would use a large breaker bar, it's torqued down to 105 ft/lbs from the factory.

You have it right (lefty=loosely righty=tightey). If you don't already have it, get the correct tool for the job (Combination/Box End or Open End work best here). Have someone pull the bars the opposite way while you turn the wrench, it should break loose. It will be tight, as DPW said, its torque rate is 105 ft/lbs.

Thanks Guys - :thumbsup:

...If you don't already have it, get the correct tool for the job (Combination/Box End or Open End work best here).
Open end wrenches are never a good choice for high torque applications, and should only be used in such situations when the fastener is inaccessible by a socket or box end, or to avoid using an adjustable wrench or pliers.

The first choice would be as DPW suggests; a six point socket on a long breaker bar. Turn the fork against the steering stops and brace yourself against the rear of the bike to stabilize it. Hold the top of the socket with one hand to keep it aligned and engaged, and crank on it.

Second choice is a 12 point socket, then a box end. Sizing is more critical with 12 point tools, too, so bear that in mind.

lol...if you were me it would have come off all on it's own. :lame:

Good thing I caught that before it came all the way off. :thumbsup:

I had a similar problem at my last race where I was trying to change front sprocket. I had to go to the factory track side support team and borrow a hammer wrench? It is a power tool that kinda like kicks the nut loose... I dunno any other way to explain it.

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