Adjusting Ride Height

i let my dad ride my 02' 426 today(tring to get him back into the sport), but because he is a little shorter than me (im 6'1", and hes like 5'9") he couldnt touch the ground, he only only barly tippy toe...but when on a hill sideways he was screwed. teh valving of the ssupension is fine, so what i guess im asking is: to lower the bike about and inch or 2 is it ok to just move those threaded nuts on teh rear shock up a bit to lower the bike? or is it more comlicated? thanks.

I recommend shaving the seat foam down for him. It's pretty easy to cut some foam out of your seat. Remove it, flip it over and pull the staples, remove the cover. The best way to get a good cut job of the foam is to draw tracer lines on both sides, and use an electric carving knife. They cost about $15. Then use a foam sanding block to smooth it out, and staple the cover back on.

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