vavle problems?

hey guys ive been poking around here for a few months trying to gather all the needed info to buy the right bike for me. i currently have an 05 yfz 450 atv and im selling it for a 450 dirtbike. origanallly i was set on a crf 450r however after all the talk of the vavle issues ive started to look else were to see what is available. my question is ive just realized that the 06 yzf450 has an aluminum frame which is a must for me so i need to know if the yzf motors have the same vavle problems as the crf's. my atv runs like a bat out of hell and is very very fast i have never checked the vavles cause it runs so friggin well but it seems to me that the hondas may be a ticking time bomb? is the yamaha way more realiable cause that is a must for my type of riding. thanks again guys

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