hot cam xr600r '90

Hi everybody. How does a hot cam improve the motor? What else needs to be changed and does it affect engine life ?

Which maker would be good and what place to get it?

Thanks for every reply!


A "hot" cam allows more air/gas in and out of the motor and fine tunes when it happens. Typically it raises power in the higher RPM range, but some will give more power down low. If it is not to much change over stock you won't have to do anything else. Although a good muffler and airbox mods will help you take advantage of the new cams power. Don't forget to keep an eye on jetting. If you get a really modified cam, you may have to change valve springs and even mill of some mettle on the head to get it in. The manufactures can usually advise on this. Unless you are familiar with modding, (and I apologise but from your post is sounds like you aren't) I would go with a cam just a step or two above stock. A mild change in cam, intake, exhaust, and ignition will do you much better and frustrate you less than a big change in just one. Good luck PS change out your cam chain and gear since it will be torn down anyway.

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