Chester ride monty/mike

Whats orange and road all over? by silcon mike and you get them in Chester CA,


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Hey Monty, did Mikey go "Orange"? Man, I knew he was going to. Just didn't think it would be this soon! :D So, did you guys ride Stoney Wednesday or go shopping instead? :D I'm taking the Katoom with me to SoCal. We will be riding in Johnson Vally on Saturday. Serious good desert riding! Can't wait! Talk to you next week. Paul

Congrats Mikey! Have you broken the news to Huge yet? :):D:D


Man, is my wife pissed at you for letting me ride your bike........ :) . I broke down and went pumpkin. Monty was working the phones yesterday afternoon and this morning. He found one at Chester (Lake Almanor). It had just arrived about 10 minutes before he called (at least that's the dealers story). After MUCH hassle to secure funds we finally secured the bike!!! The problem wasn't a lack of funds. This dealer didn't accept credit cards, cash or cashiers check only. I wanted to gain some airline miles on my card that's why I wanted to use it. Turns out there wasn't a branch office of my bank (Citibank) within 50 miles of Monty's house ..... :D . Anyway to make a long story longer, I got the ducks in a row (all the while with prospective buyers circling my bike) and we made the score! Kudos to Monty for all his help. Round trip = 600 miles. I drove 750 miles to get my WR so I figure by the time I get my 10th bike my next door neighbor will should be a dealer. We are going riding this Saturday up at Stonyford, you should go. Mike (Roseville),Granite Johnny, Huge, Brian M., Ricky1, Darbsitton, SFO and everybody else is welcome.


Mike meet at Bill&kathy at 8;00 to 8;30 am sat, for the stonyford ride,any one else wanting to go meet us at B&K .


Hey Mike, is it the 400 or 520. Either way you cannot go wrong. congrats and you didn't even have to ride my bike. 600 miles round trip is nothing. Try driving Roseville to Anaheim in a day. Now that was 6 hours on the road one way. What a day, but worth it. I wish you were all going Sunday. I would be in. I have my son's soccer tournament on Saturday so I can't make it unless you can all go on Sunday. The rest of my December is booked for the Xmas business, but January should be a good month if there is good weather. If you all change to Sunday, I will be there. I loved the last ride with just the 4 of us (Mike, Monty, John and myself) What a great hard ride with virtually no stops. Congrats again and I cannot wait to see you in Orange. Goes with that receeding hairline of yours. :)

Mike in Roseville

We'll be on the Middle Creek side Saturday. Going w/4-5 guys from work. I haven't ridden with these guys so I'm not sure how many miles we'll do. Maybe we'll head over to Letts Lake? Everybody's on a 4st so range shouldn't be a big issue. Any of you Stonyford guys willing to ride over to my side of the world?



My wife reminded me that her dumb husband (my words not hers) has to take her and the kids to the airport on Saturday. I forgot about it completely. Can we go Sunday or even a weekday next week? Hell bring your bike to my house and we'll ride around the block!


You were doing soooo good until the chrome dome part..... :) . I'm going to miss my Yamaha but damn that orange feels good!


Guys it's going to rain sunday or we could do it check the weather and let me know.If the weather looks good lets go for it.


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If you all are going Sunday, please post and let me know where you want to meet etc by Early Saturday Evening. I don't want to go if it is raining but if it is clear I will be there.

Keep me up to date.

Mike in Roseville.

Mike in S. sorry bout the dome, couldn't help it

Weather show good for sunday high54 lows in the 30s at night,sunny and clear so lets meet at K&B on sunday morning at 8;00am to 8;30am and ride some new bikes.

monty :)

My next ride will be Baja.

Denise and I are getting hitched and taking a dirtbike tour of baja.

St Veronica to Cabo, 10 days 1200 miles.

I am working on tires gearing and general tune up stuff and want to stay focused.

I'll be thinking of y'all when I am sitting in Cabo on newyears with a tall one and a shot of tequilla....(not) :)

Monty I think Mike from Roseville is rubbing off on U. :) When have you ever been a fair weather rider.... some of our best rides have been in some of the nastiest conditions.Mike with a new bike for christmas has informed me that he is going riding somewhere(besides around his block) rain or shine...He's been out in his garage putting Rain-X all over his bike so he doesn't get any water spots :D:D:D Hope to see you Sunday I'll be the one on the old blue bike :D please wait up at the trail crossings so I don't get lost...HUGE

Sounds good Huge see you sunday rain or shine, you know i'll ride any place any time but just won't due it alone you never can tell whats going to happen.Glade to see your getting well and i'll be riding blue also, they have not made a orange bike that can out ride me and blue.


Hey guys,

I dropped the family off at the airport this morning. My next mission is to rejet this bike. It runs like crap with the "G" needle in it. Getting a big time surge down low and mucho backfiring on deceleration. Nor really ridiable in it's present state. I'm off to the dealership tp see what I can get. I'll post later today with a status report.


Hey guys,

I think I am out. I cut the living you know what out of my palm on a jar of broken jelly while taking out the trash ( I need to hire someone to take out my trash). The cut is pretty deep on my left palm and I don't know if I can grip. I am going to see how it feels and go from there. If I don't show at B and K's than you know why. If it feels good and I can grip I will make it, but if it still gushing blood like it is right now, I may stay home. So if I you don't see me at B and K's by the time you leave, than I won't be there. I really wanted to ride with another Orange bike to compare. At any rate, if I don't make it, we need to get together real soon so we can another Orange to the blue boys .

Mike in Roseville

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Well, now I am in again. Dan my next door neighbor really wants to go and he has convinced me of going, so I guess I will be there. If he flakes and my hand is throbbing than I won't, but for now as of this very minute, I will grin and bear it and be there. Again, If something happens and we are not there by the time you leave b and K's than I guess it was all for nought.

But at this momement in time I am there.

Am I wishy washy or what.


Ok Mike sounds good on the clip movement and i posted to huge today and glade to see he is going and getting better.Mike in roseville hope your hand will be ok the gound should be geart and the weather sunny (but cold) see you guys at B&K 8;00am to 8;30am

p.s.- Ratso is coming I just went and got he's bike :D:):D:D

Monty sounds like we might have theses orange bikes out numbered. Mikes new bike needs a good roosting so lets get it on...huge :)

Mike if you can't get the 49 state needel don't worry we will ride up high and I have some other tix.


Sounds good Monty. I couldn't get the needle anywhere, had to order it. So I will attempt to change clip positions and adjust the mixture screw to try to improve upon things. On the bright side Zoom had an E-line skid plate and radiator guards! I'll meet you at Bill & Kathy's @ 8:00 am on Sunday. Huge said he wants to go also. Mike (Roseville) should be coming to if he reads this post.


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