2006 YZ450f Mods for 130lb guy.

In about a month I am going to be picking up a 2006 YZ450f Aniversery edition. I want to know what mods will need to be done to the bike to get it set up well for me. Im 5'11 and 130 lbs and will be doing a mix of trail and track. Im thinking new springs, but what springs, Ive gone to race-tech's website and used their spring calculator, but I have heard that is very inaccurate. Also, I have searched some on problems with the bike, and is the Oil filter screen the only problem and the crappy chain?

Thanks guys


Jeez your really skinny. Your gonna pull mad holeshots

damn, your gonna be like a fly on the seat of that thing!!!

to be honest, good luck keeping everything under control....:thumbsup:

I am 5' 10" and I weight only 145lbs and do just fine on my 04 450. With proper technique you wont let the power get the best of you.

I'm 5"7" and break the bank at 140lbs....and the 450 is no problem. In fact, it is way more manageable than my CRF250R ever was. You just flat out don't have to fight the bike to make it do what you want, BUT i have had the suspension re-sprung and valved for my weight.

If you have stock springs and only a buck30, then your gonna be hating life on anything but pavement! I ran the softest springs Race Tech made on my 250 and it helped considerable. The YZ is the first bike I've had re-valved, and it's a huge improvement over just doing springs.

damn, your gonna be like a fly on the seat of that thing!!!

to be honest, good luck keeping everything under control....:thumbsup:

dude, I have a 450 now, and love it, I know how to control them.

NDC, when I buy the bike, I am planning on re-springing the bike. I was told that for the average rider a re-valve is not necessary, but the correct spring are. So right now I'm looking at new springs front and back, and a new chain right off the bat...anything else I should do?

My opinion is that if you change the springs you should change the valving too.... but hey, it's your money. Personally, I'd rather spend a little more and get a lot better suspension action... better suspension = easier to go fast

I was told that for the average rider a re-valve is not necessary,

THAT IS A LIE! I got my bike revalved and it is a HUGE differance. I immediately noticed myself going faster yet not trying as hard. It is amazing the differance it makes. You really cant describe how much of a differance it is. Just get it done and you will see what everybody is talking about.

Hey NDC how much softer are your springs then stock? The guy that did my suspension said that I am a little light for the stock springs. (160lbs) The problem is I dont want to spend $300 on springs once I get down to my target weight which is 145lbs. Do you think I could make it work?

Well, Ill take your word for it. I have had my fork re-valved by my KTM dealer, and it does feel better, but I dont think it feels $200 worth better, maybe just like lighter weight oil better. But maybe I just need to send my suspension into a quality shop like RG3 or MB1. I just dont think a re-valve is necisarry right away considering I barely even have enough money to buy the bike let alone spend money on suspension.

Then pass on it for now. If it comes down to suspension, or buying the really important things (oil, filters, air filter oil, etc) then the best is the latter.

Your best mod is FOOD. You would benefit mostly with more muscle mass. Yeah you can handle the bike well but at 145 you legs can't be all that strong and when your legs go out you tend to use your arms more so you get arm pump then crash. lol I sound like my little brother telling a story. I'm 5'10" and weigh 180. I'm by no means fat. I used to weigh 150 at 5'10". I can ride alot harder alot longer now with the extra weight and if you think just because your lighter you can go faster I laugh cuz no one can use all the power of the 450. After re-reading what I posted it sounded like a personal attack but by no means trying to offend you just saying the money would best be used on a set of weights.

I agree. The Gym Won't Hurt Anybody's Riding. Even if you can't bench 300. I think weight lifting has def. helped my endurance and strength and it has def. helped save my tushie from eating crap many times.

80% rider, 20% bike.

Physical conditioning is very important, and not only strength, but endurance. When working out, do sessions targeted at increasing strength, but also other sessions with 40-50% of your 10 rep max, repeating at a low pace for longer periods. Pace yourself, as if running 5 miles instead of 500 yards.

Here's one for you: Standing on the pegs as much as possible is important, right? Lean against a wall and slide your back down it until you are in a sitting position, with your shins vertical, and your thighs horizontal. Hold that for 3 minutes. Bet you can't.

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