Rear Axle Nut Size

Getting ready to place an order for some stuff on-line. I would like to order

one of those motion pro tire irons with the axle nut on the other end. But, my bike is out at my cousins house. Cay any of you guys tell me what size the rear axle nut is so that I can place my order. Thanks

Unless they changed it between 03 and 04 it would be a 27mm.


On my 05, its 22mm up front, 27mm on the rear.

I didn't get the motion controls wrench. I though they were overpriced. I picked up a few of the smaller tire irons and then the moose wrench.

I think I saved about $50 in the process

Also, can't you just use an adjustable crescent wrench.

Yea, but I am looking for something light weight to carry in my riding pack. Just trying to cut down on the stuff that I have to carry.

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