hole in muffler

my stock exhaust on my xr650l has a hole in the bottom of it at the end with two screw holes there, there is another plate in the muffler futher down. i think there is supposed to be a plate in place of the hole, what are these and can it cause any harm to my bike? :thumbsup: also what is uncork the air box, what is involved, how do i do it, and what am i looking for as in "cork". thanks guys

That is a muffler clean out point and is used during the required maint on the stock muffler. It should have a block off plate and attaching bolts normally in that location. Hope that answers your question. If parts are missing go to Mc Mart pwersports web site and u can look up and order the missing parts there. They offer 10% discount on all online orders I believe. :thumbsup:

Mr BIGREDXR is absolutely correct, these are clean outs to blow out soot and carbon deposits which builds up over time. If you bought the bike used the previous owner probably removed the rear one thinking he was doing a good thing and relieving some back pressure, when in fact he was making a lean running bike run even leaner, which translates to hotter, which translates to more wear. although it is not much of a change, it probably would not hurt anything if the bike is rode easy, but ride it hard it will get hotter than it should. I hope I have helped, good luck. :thumbsup:

thank you so much, i found it in the rear fender pouch and have reinstalled it! :thumbsup:

Those holes also bypass the spark arrestor.


The procedure for cleaning the muffler involves putting a rag on the exhaust and revving the engine to force the flow thru the oppening.As for un-corking it's like popping the cork of a bottle after it's been shaken...bam!

Motomonte I like your cork popping analogy :thumbsup::lame::p:bonk::eek::bonk:

Look another six pack!

Those holes also bypass the spark arrestor.


what will that do to my bike, help it or hurt it, its 100% stock with a missing snorkel?

As far as bypassing the spark arrestor, dont ride in the woods it could start a fire by allowing the stray spark to shoot out

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