650L head gasket for a big bore 600?

would it be okay to use a 100mm 650L head gasket in a 100.5 mm bore xr600? Honda might have an oversize gasket, but other than size are the two gaskets alike? Thank in advance.

I'm not sure. I know that the XL600 has a 100mm bore and those will work. A call to XRsonly should answer your question. They sell XR600 gasket kits for 98,100,101, and 102 mm pistons.

Call Kamell at www.albakersxrsonly.com ph.#760-244-2626 he will give you the right info. Don't play around guessing or taking anyones advise that is guessing, you blow up your spending big bucks. I do reccomend using Cometic gaskets for the xr600, Good Luck!!!!

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