read your mail!

there are some of you out there with private messages and you may not know it.

it's a function of the new forum that we now can recieve our own personal messages.

click on "my profile" at the top and go see if you have any. if i can get the hang of it anyone can!

i'm sure bill or brian will read this so here's one for you boys. Q; from this page how do i get back to the opening picture of all the forums? (as in the two rows of bikes). from there i may be able to get at the technical articles.



There may be an easier way but, I just delete everything after in my address bar and hit enter.


PS From the jetting (JD developed "E" needle baseline) in my signature, I was not getting the rev limiter slamming that kamakaze was experiencing. Should I lean the MJ. The bike runs great, starts easy and never fouls plugs.


i can't say that it is accepted yet but we're not getting any duff reports on the smaller MAJ's. at the moment they're being put straight in as opposed to back-to-back testing.

i would like to see you try the 200MAJ again and then go 170 or 168. i think that may have been standard and despite the pipe i think your bike will love it. you won't hit the limiter until you go down to a 160MAJ. yamakazi has hit a different problem i think. he's running too rich.

i've done it. in my snap tests in the dark i was asking everyone what it felt like to hit the limiter because i was getting a misfire at the top.

it was simply rich.



levy 1



are you all asleep.


:) NO Taffy I just look that way LOL :D

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