For all you WR426 owners and Aficionado's

I thought I would post up a couple of pictures for those of you who might not have seen my street legal 2001 WR426F.

I bought this bike brand new in late 2000 and it had 17" wheels and tires installed on it before I ever started it for the first time.

Before there was ever a SuperMoto forum here on TT, I used to hang out in here regularly, with Taffy, James Dean and Garret Berg (RIP) along with all of the other long timers so I appreciate this forum a lot.

This WR has since gone through 2 different makeovers with this being the latest.

You will quickly notice that it has the 05' body swap.

I have thousands into this bike.

You may or may not notice the DLC coatings to the forks and shock.

You wont notice that it is a 444 big bore.

It also has the handy headwork of Hiroshi Yokota who builds superbike engines for Yoshimura, it has a Hinson slipper clutch and basket.

There are a lot of trick little things I did to it like powder coating the frame and swingarm, and some of the engine cases.

I have anodized all of the aluminum bits including the brake calipers which are made by Braking.

This is and has by far been the funnest motorcycle I have ever owned which is why I still have it, I have owned at least 2 dozen bikes in my lifetime, Ducati's, Gixers, CBR's, Interceptors, Hodaka, Zundapp, Harley Davidson, CR's CRF's, YZ's and more.

This bike is street legal (for the most part) and while I can afford to go out and buy any bike I want, I have kept this bike out of true love.

Have a look and enjoy it, I do.



That's Beautifull, Can I have it? :thumbsup:

is that a brake or clutch rez on the handle bars? looks gorgeous

What a beauty! I'll split it with you :thumbsup:

All I can say HOLY $heit that thing is AWESOME looking.I also so have kept my 02 WR 426 I love it for the dirt though.

is that a brake or clutch rez on the handle bars? looks gorgeous

That is a temporary brake reservoir, I have a nice billet aluminum unit that is a bit smaller that will replace that one as soon as I can get the bracket made up for it.

Thanks for the compliments.

How was the 05 body swap? Any details...

How was the 05 body swap? Any details...

You need a tank, shrouds, seat, sub frame, rear fender, rear brake master cyl, and from there you have 2 options.

(1) go to the YZ forum and do a search for 05 body swap and make the little bracket that the OP (Satch) made when he did his.

(2) Weld bungs on your frame like I did to accomodate the tank mounting points.

The rest is bolt on after that.

I bought new stuff, but you can certainly find used on eBay.

Your petcock will fit perfectly on the new tank.

The rear master cylinder is required because the new subframe does not have a mounting point for your 01 reservoir, the 05 master has the internal reservoir.

You can however have a bracket welded on the new subframe to support the reservoir but theres a cost there unless you can weld aluminum yourself, and even then you will have to clean it all up and its more trouble than its worth.

The new subframe will have to be modified slightly as the upper part that mounts to the top of the frame is narrower than the 01 so you have to grind the opening a little so it will straddle the frame.

The guys on the YZ forum were actually grinding the frame but I elected to grind the subframe so that if for some reason I ever wanted to go back to original (not likely) I could with no issues.

Other than that it is a pretty straight forward swap.

I machined and welded bungs on the frame because it was a much cleaner way to do it and since I was powder coating the frame anyway it was the logical choice.

If you get ready to do the swap PM me and we can email or talk on the phone.

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