symptoms of a knee injury maybe acl?

well for a couple days now my knee has been swollen,sore, and very painful but can still walk also its very warm its alot warmer than the rest of my body. i noticed it was sore after getting off the bus coming home from a football game but there was no pain during the game and i dont remember twisting it or getting hit in it

Did you hurt your knee?

ACL tears don't just happen. It is always associated with a dramatic injury.

i didnt land on it or anything or get a helmet to my knee and i cant remeber if i twisted it the wrong way.but also theres a pain on the side of my knee all the way from my knee to about 3/4 the way up the side of my thigh

Speaking of knees. I was riding about 3 weeks ago when my L foot got hung up on something on the trail. I never saw it, but surely felt it. My foot was ripped off my peg to the side, and I ended up with a sizable bruise to the inside of my leg just above my ankle. My knee didn't hurt during this, or for the week following the incident for that matter. However, it has began to bother me all the time. It feels unstable and pops and clicks frequently. It's realitively painless when it clicks and pops, but feels more like a burning pain than anything else. The pain is primarily on the inside and towards the back. If you touch you're knees together it hurts on that point. I had some pain towards the front, but that has pretty much gone away. It seems to be getting better, but it seems to be really slow. I was wearing asterisk knee braces, but I don't think they protected my knee from this type of movement??? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you very much.

get an mri

You seriously need to see a doctor . I am undergoing everything short of surgery for what I thought was a bad sprain from a similar crash. I actually have a fractured tibia at the knee joint along with some stretched tendons and a lovely blood clot in my lower leg.Most of the pain is in the muscles ,but there never was any actual bruising. I saw the physical therapist yesterday and he explained that he and the orthopedist will be looking at my CT scan for shifting of the bones and damage to a half moon shaped piece of cartilage in the knee. If your knee pops out/ clicks things are not staying aligned and if you are bearing weight, the " balls" on the end of your femur could be compressing into the softer bone of the tibia. This is corrected by surgery$ Sorry to be so long winded, but I'm extremely frustrated by what I thought was something reletively minor and I'd hate for this to get worse on you.Take care............I know at age 50 or 60 I want to be able to get up out of a chair and go do something!!!!!!!!!

well i went to a sports doctor and they said they think theres a tear in my qaudracept where it conects to my knee and im goin to get a mri this week


Look up "high ankle sprains" or "syndesomosis ligament injury" on Google. Obviously a trip to the doctor is always best but it sounds like this is what you did to your ankle.

I just did that about 3 weeks ago. I also received a low ankle sprain at the same time. It can be a pretty serious injury. Usually worse than just a "low" ankle sprain because of the amount of time needed to heal if it is torn. I was lucky enough this time to not tear anything but it still fricking hurts.

Thanks for all the input. I haven't gone to the doctor yet due to my high deductable health insurance plan. I pay up to 4400 per year, but surgury or even multiple sesssions of physical therapy will quickly get to that point. It certainly makes me put off going to the doctor since I'm reasonably confident he'll order an MRI at the tune of around $1000 plus the office visit and x-rays ect. I bet the whole deal would cost me $1500 just to find out what he thinks the problem is. If it's something bad there will be physical therapy or surgery or both. Who knows? Since I can still do my day to day activities (including riding) I've been putting it off. Hopefully it will just get better on its own.

Health insurance cost is simply going out the roof these past few years. I used to have Kaiser (HMO) and it used to be fairly low cost (per year). The docs were decent for fractures (I've had numerous over the years), but they've never helped with my joint injuries (even with MRIs and ortho specialists). My other knee is still bothering me from a soccer accident 10 years ago. The funny thing is the doc at Kaiser told me everything was fine per the MRI x-rays, stability tests, ect. I've learned to deal with it, but I can't run for any length of time without severe pain to the same location on my knee. To this day I train on a bicycle and eleptical to get my cardio (no running). Any kind of impact training is out of the question. I never lift weights with my legs since they seldom fatigue and have good strength and mass already.

Justin24, my injury also feels like it's where the muscle attaches to the knee. The muscle is always very sore after I do my 30 minutes of interval training on the eliptical (I still workout, but the knee and muscle to the inside just above the knee feel like they're stressed). I also have some discomfort to the back of my knee (inside) when I stretch. If I touch my knees together it's uncomfortable (good thing you don't do this much). The asterick brace puts some pressure on the inside of my knee, but it's tolerable when I ride. The knee never feels like it wants to give out, and never hurts in the back or front in the middle, so I've sort of ruled out ACL based on what I've seen on the internet (including drmark's site).

If the pain doesn't subside in another 4 weeks I'll pony up the cash and go to the doctor. That will be almost 8 weeks from when I may have hurt it? The most puzzling thing is the knee didn't hurt at all when it happened (if that was when it actually happened). It just started to hurt for no apparant reason, so thinking back there was only one time where I can remember it happening? I'm a bit puzzled that it would take a week or more to start to hurt/click/pop and start bothering me. Time will tell. Nice sharing with you all.

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