I've joined the club

Just brought her home today...2006 YZ 450.

I was leaning towards the '07 but the price was too good to pass up.

This is my first Yamaha so pardon me if I start asking a bunch of newbie-type questions!


Welcome to the YZF side Lastchild....many tips for setting up your 06 are right here.....try to search first then ask away.... :thumbsup::lame:

nice to get a good deal.. :thumbsup: congrats..

Congrats! Enjoy, she's a nice ride! You uploaded a pic of your blue bike on KTMtalk??? I got rid of an '03 KTM525exc for my YZ(I prefer MX) and the only regret I have is that I have to worry about cops on the roadside trails when I ride with my KTMexc friends.

Congrats. Now you need a new avatar, here some in the correct size









Oops, I should refresh my browser, thought my earlier post got deleted...

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