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Must Do Mods for New WR400 F

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Hello, a newbie here, but I hope to make a contribution here possible in the future.

After many months of research, I have made the decision to get a WR400F as opposed to the KTM 400 EXC. Please don't all write and tell me about electric buttons etc... The decision was so close and what made it for me was my son, who is getting his first bike this xmas - a TTR-90 - he was so sweet when he said he wanted to be just like me, that I reasoned that I had to get a Yamaha, rather than force him to learn on one of those bumblebee KTM 50's... So...

Having done so much research, I now feel that i know the WR400 pretty well. I reckon there are some highly desirable mods to be made almost straightaway The way I see it, the mods would be:

Throttle slide - trimmed back.

Exahust restrictor - removed.

Handlebars replaced - this goes along with the next two...

Steering Damper - GPR seesm to be the one to get.

Top Triple Clamp - any suggestions?

What else would you experienced owner recommend... I am not after the ultimate power machine, ... Air box lid?

Of course I plan to have the front and rear suspension retuned to my size - 6'6" and 260lbs I reckon that I would need to move the bars forward and have a higher bend...

Anyone with direct experience of Pivot Pegs - www.eatmydirt.com.au/pivotpegz/ ?

What about clutch baskets?

I will obviously consider a pipe, replacement ignition etc aftetr I get used to the bike, but I want to get the weak/unsuitable/restrictive things out of the way ASAP.

Thanks for your input... Let me know So I can hit the dealer up for some stuff before he forgets he sold me the bike...


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dude? in aus? are you an american who turned left at hawai?

well mr dude person.

we don't have grey wire to trim but we also don't have a throttle stop to trim back so you're ok there.

also you have the euro exhaust like me so you can't pull the guts on it.

for the handlebars i'm going to guess that you're broad across the shoulder and that you need flat (as opposed to turned back) bars like me. this on it's own is worth about 3/4" of space.

for the top clamp you'll want one straight away that takes the "fat" or the "protaper" type bars. they cut out all the vibration. the TC should have a range of forward travel to help you. but it sounds like the ability to take a GRP damper will rule over all here.

while you're there you must change the grips which are flimsy and give you wankers cramp later on. mine are apico, the rubber is really thick.

YZ timing is a free mod as long as you have the time.

the BK mod costs tuppence and the jetting can be made cheap by going straight in at the right set up. ok, ok! what i mean is, i spent a lot of money buying the full range. you only need buy a fraction to get it right.

if you look at my jetting you won't be far out.


160,155 and 150MJ

buy 170, 160 MAJ

EKN needle

40, 38 and 35PJ

the pilot air screw

and because you'll need a spare air filter get a white bros etc.

if you fall a lot get bark busters FOR PROTAPERS.

in aus, AND with the jetting right i wouldn't think you need a flywheel weight. but if you find it difficult slogging then get a "juice clutch".

grease everything afor ye go. standard tyres are crap so if you're a pro-change them.

that's it from me. good luck.


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If you're 5'6 (like me), you should remove the seat alltogether... :)

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i feel your pain larry... i'm a towering 5'8" :D:D , and this thing gets a little vertical when the trails get tight. well put!!! LOL..remove the seat...LOL....it's not like you'd loose much in the padding dept :) .....LOL...

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Most riders prefer the YZ cam timing. The GPR damper is a dacent one from what I've heard but doesn't have the adjustability of the Scotts. Tire choice is critical for the least bit of agressive riding. A taller seat foam will help make it easier to get farther forward on the bike, versus replacing the seat and tank with YZ parts.

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Originally posted by yamaha.dude:

Throttle slide, Exahust restrictor, Handlebars, steering Damper, Top Triple Clamp, Air box lid, move the bars forward, higher bend, Pivot Pegs, clutch baskets, pipe, replacement ignition


On my WR...

Throttle thingy - gone

Exahust restrictor - gone

Handlebars replaced - personal preference

Steering Damper - none

Top Triple Clamp - stock

Air box lid - gone

move the bars forward - whatever

higher bend - again, whatever

Pivot Pegs - never used 'em

clutch baskets - prob was only on some '98's I believe...

a pipe - stock

ignition - stock

Dude... why is everyone saying dude so much... anyway, you gonna race or what?? Why are you trying to gut the bike before you even get it. I've had my '99 for a year now, its still bone stock minus the throttle stop, airbox lid, and that muffler cork. Hell, I havent even wasted the stock bars yet, and we all know those fold as soon as you lean the bike against a wall. And as far as timing or jetting, yeahright, mine runs perfectly as is. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe someone fixed it already. Either way I havent even opened the carb yet and don't plan on it unless it quits running right. Changes to the timing don't interest me yet either. Now I will admit, to me, stock yamaha forks are harsh. But, suspension is the easiest thing to fix and besides, unless you weigh 155 lbs, you're going in there anyway. Other than that, a saying about fixing what ain't broke comes to mind.

Seriously though, if you wanna spend money on your baby, by all means, have at it. But a new ignition? Why? And the grey wire thing... whatever. You gotta realize most folks on this board are beyond serious when it come to blue bikes. Often they're pushing the edge of whats capable on these bike and while their advice is probably as expert as you'll find, the bike itself, even bone stock, is still way beyond average. I'm no expert desert speed demon, but if you ask me, this bike hauls some serious ass as is. Frankly, mine still scares the crap outta me and I love every minute of it. Maybe one day I'll go searching for mods galore for old blue but ya know what... I doubt it. I still can't find the end of 5th gear. Maybe if I were lucky enough to ride for a living, things would be different.

I've owned a few bikes in my life, ridden even more, and this WR is at the top of the list regardless.

Either way, have fun... DUDE!!!

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Thanks guys... It is basically as I figured... Personal stuff like suspension, bars etc... I am getting back into bikes after a few years absence raising my kids, don't have any riding buddies, esp. with WR400's to compare notes with... I was looking for weak spots to fix before they left me stranded or out of pocket... seems like simple mods are on the cards for now... maybe better quality tyres and airfilter...

Obviously the day will come (sooner than I expect) that my son will be lapping me around the backyard track, so I need to have options for that - pipe and YZ timing etc... But until then , I realise this is a lot of bike to come to terms with... Will let you know how I am getting on with it...



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DUDE! on top of all the reugluar stuff be sure to check all the nuts and bolts, that includes the spokes!!! You should also check the valves to be sure they are in spec - be sure to blow some compressed air into the spark pulg drain hole before removing the plug.. don't forget to check the throttle cables at the carb. they tend to fray. take the cover off the acc. pump and inspect for dirt.....there are a few more but you get the picture...


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