07 yzf 450 ride report.......

700MX - Gearing: you added 2 teeth to 51 without even riding it. Interesting. Can you comment on that a bit further?

BTW - brought one of these home last night! thanks for your insights. they helped me to decide. can't wait to go ride it. another one goes red to blue!

You will really like the yzf. Spend some time getting your sag right, so many people say 95-100, I like 102, I really think it is preference, could be 98mm, could be 105mm, it is what works for you. For me though, 102 made the bike go from "different" feeling........ to right at home

Gearing, I went 51 right away after riding an 06. I like a bit shorter transitions between gears. A 51 does this, and I can use 3rd out of more corners. BUT seriously, you need to find a rear S that works best where you ride. This weekend I went back to the 49 to do an uphill step up in 2nd, and a down hill triple. Another track, I like the 51, cause I am in 3rd and fourth with no awkward shift points. I would say try it stock.... and have a 50, and 51 to mess around with.

Congrats on your new bike!


I just read the Dirt Rider mag test on the 07. they said, "if you want to ride the whole track in one or two gears, you may lament the passing of the 06 specs..." Have you found this to be true? I have a 05 RMZ with a 50t on the rear and I can pretty much ride 95% of our local tracks in 3rd gear. I was all set to buy the YZ but now this makes me hesitate a bit. Whats your opinion?

To be honest, I do not mind shifting. I do not like awkward shift points! I would say your weight has a lot to do with the answer to your ques. and the tracks, and your speed, and gearing, but for me @ 185, I do use 2-3-4 on most every track i ride.

I put a yosh full system that would easily LET me ride tracks in 3 only, but I like to push using 2 in hairpins -3-4 (unless my arms are pumped!)


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