Best clutch????

I have a 84 XL600R would would like to know what is the best aftermarket clutch out there for this application. Otherwise I'm guessing OEM is it. I have used Barnett clutches on my other bikes in the past. But I have not been in the bike realm for quite some time now.



While there is nothing wrong with the OEM Honda clutch plates, the aftermarket ones have always worked for me and cost a lot less.

Get new springs too. They aren't too expensive. I fired the last clutch in my XR600 because they were shot.

Which aftermarket clutch did you use?

I think that I have an EBC set right now. Been working for a couple of years.

Thanx for the info!

I've always used the barnett's on all my bike. I currently have a 96 XR600R that has one. My old 85 XL600R had one as well.

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