Clutch not fully engaging

I went for a ride yesterday, and noticed my clutch was not engaging fully, IE, i could come to a stop in 1st with the clutch all the way in, but the bike was still pulling forward slowly.

I've had a search to see if this is normal, but can't really find a definitive answer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are you having any trouble shifting? If it's just a little drag then it is probably normal but more than that most likely means the clutch plates have warped (the metal ones). I had this happen on my '04 WR after abusing the clutch severely on a ride. In my case the bike would not shift well and wanted to stall the engine when stopped. Remove the plates and check them. They should be perfectly flat. The spec is in the owners manual.

I have no trouble changing as such, the bike has stalled a few times when slowing down/coming to a stop, i just put it down to my riding. I might swap out the plates anyway, its not gonna do any harm :thumbsup:

There is a thread called "Clutch Problem" it was last posted to a couple days ago....... it has your answer and the good news is it is a cheap and easy fix :thumbsup:

Superb, i'll give that a go at the weekend :thumbsup:

Go to, click on .79 cent fix. :thumbsup:

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