I have to bring my XR-650R to the Japanese inspectors for the biannual emmissions/safety check. Since I bought the bike I swapped out the restrictive arrestor with the HRC unit and added the edelbrock pumper carb (it already had the HRC intake manifold). Can I just put back the stock restictor for the test, or will I need to re-jet? I know the exaust restriction will tend to make the bike rich on top end but I only want to make a temporary adjustment for the test without messing with the needle or pulling the seat and IMS tank to adjust the mixture. I think they are only checking for decibles and wont run past mid-rpm level.

Better cover yourself and put a lean needle in the edelbrock, should take no time, you can probably do a edelbrock carb search here on TT and find some specs for the edelbrock with the stock pipe. Also I believe the edelbrock has the dial a jet on top should you not be able to lean it out enough for an emissions test? If you are in Japan why are you not running a keihan, or mikuni pumper, or fcr, surely they are easier to get there? :thumbsup:

Nothing in Japan is cheaper than in the US. Nothing. I paid here $9,000 for my XR and it was made here? Anyways I passed the test, They only tested at idle so it was not a jetting issue after all. BTW the bike was VERY hard to start with the restrictor in 10-20 kicks hot or cold.

glad to hear you got it passed...and even more glad I have NEVER had to kick my bike..ever


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