Startproblem when Hot WR450-03

I have problem to start my WR450-03 after i stall it.

Have to twist the handle twice and then when using the e button it takes 4-5 seconds before it starts, sometimes i also need to lift the trottle a bit. (not so good -it backfires half the times )

I do use the hotstart.

I have JD jetting blue needle #3, 170MJ ,ride at 4-500 feet, 50-70 degrees

Dont now what PJ but my zipty is at 1.1/4

Anyone have a idee what to do - upper the starter jet?




Try a 48 pilot jet and get an adjustable fuel screw so you can fine tune it. :thumbsup:

I havent had this problem, so I am only going off of the stuff I ve read here. Everything I have read about starting problems have been due to the exhaust valves being out of spec.

Try this trick. Twist the throttle 3 times then hands off, pull hot start lever and hit start button. When starter starts to turn engine over, let go of hot start lever. My 04 450 starts this way. Any other way makes it hard to start.


I have found that hot starts require a very well tuned pilot circuit and maybe a slightly higher idle. I also find that the H/S broadens the range of my pilot circuit. If it's a little hotter than my jetting is set for I need the hot start, but if it's right on I don't need it. If it's too cool I re-jet. I very rarely, if at all, use any throttle when starting (except when cold); definitely not with the hot start lever.

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