Check Every Time You Ride

I know this has been stated many times but after this weekend I want to be sure it is reiterated once more. CHECK YOUR SPROCKET BOLTS!!!!!

After a 2 hour practice on Sunday I got hame and was cleaning my '06 YZ450F and every bolt on the sprocket was not only loose but about to fall out. Made some nice oval shaped holes in the stock sprocket. Needless to say I will replace the sprocket and now loctite the bolts but be sure to check yours also.

This goes with any bikes...some more than others. My CRF would never, ever loosen the bolts (although I check them before/after each ride). Howevr, my KTM 125 would loosen up when you walked by the bike to take out the trash! Even with different sprockets/bolts, etc I was always loctiting (spelling?) them to keep them tight.

A guy out the track yesterday came back with his sprocket ripped off the hub, may have had something to do with it.

On yamaha's this must be done when new or installing new sprockets....use loctite Blue and let set 12hrs + to set up .... once you break this seal...they will lossen up again and again until re loctited.

Also loctite the back of the head of the bolt where it recesses into the sprocket. I had a sprocket set years ago that suggested you do that and I have never had a problem since. It doesnt seem like it would help but I do it anyway along with the threads. Sprockets ripped off of the hub are generally caused by chains running too tight or wheel alignment being off will allow the chain to climb the sprocket.

Thanks for the advice..

At first I thought you were going to say the draine bolt but sprockets..

hmm never had a problem but will be checking. Thanks :thumbsup:

Been there done that. lol I actually had the rear sprocket nuts come loose and started tearing into my swingarm. I have a huge gash in my swing arm. But it wasn't enough for me to worry about replacing it so until it breaks I'm gonna have to live with it.

I put new chain and sprockets on my yz125 last winter.

I didn't put any loctite on them, and they are still tight 10 months later... :thumbsup:

Include checking the spokes in the every time you ride -list. My son's spokes were scaring loose after the break-in. On the other hand, I have not needed to tighten the extra strong spokes on my Excels with Talon hubs.

i changed my sproket on my 06 yz450 right after i got it and used the blue loctite and havn't had any loose issues yet. i agree about breaking the seal on the loctite. i've just been checking them visually and checking for finger tightness. no probs yet. :thumbsup:

I put new chain and sprockets on my yz125 last winter.

I didn't put any loctite on them, and they are still tight 10 months later... :thumbsup:

There is a big difference between a YZ125 and YZ4xxF...

Blue loctite always, cheap insurance

it should definetly be part of the routine. Tire pressure, spokes, sprocket bolts, etc etc etc

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