Pay Pal is up and running for the ""carb thingy"/"T-Handle"/"Kouba Thingy"/"Adjuster Thingy" :) !!

If anyone curious, check it out, pretty neat!

How about a link to your Pay Pal location. I don't want to open an account of my own and can't seem to find you on the site.

Bonzai :)


In order to use paypal (i.e. send someone money), you'll have to open your own account. It's really easy. You pick a userid, a password, and enter either a credit card, checking account, or savings account to send/receive funds to/from. They'll then send you 2 deposits (pennies each) over the next few days. You just check with your bank as to what the $ amounts are and confirm your account setup by going back into paypal. Then you're done.

Note: If you send someone money from your credit card, they charge the RECEIVER 2.9% of the funds...unless they pay to have the super-special "ultra account". Thus, I recommend the checking/savings account option.

I use it all the time...and it's quite convenient...especially for situations like this.

Paypal Link


P.S. If you want to try it out before sending money for the Kouba tool, I'll let you try sending me money first... :)

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Hey Kevin,

I read down to this message after replying to one further up the page.

Is $11 the total price?

what is your Paypal "name" aka handle?

When will the Thandles be ready to ship?



Another plug for Paypal! I know for those of you that are skeptical of online purchases that signing up for something like Paypal borders on insanity, but it really is a good thing. Makes selling on ebay WAY easier, quicker & safer. Plus a lot of retail sites are using it now along with credit cards. And it's way harder for someone to scam your account directly vs. a credit card number that floats around for everyone to see. Just my 3 cents.

Oh, and I'll be having a T-handle Shogo Kubo Carby Dealy!

For those of you that pay attention to this PAy Pal AND that are interested in this Kouba thing, I have the ultra basic, shmuck only service meaning I do not have it setup to take credit cards. I must pay a fee for that, and since I don't own a business (except for my internet "Adults Only" websight :) , I went the basic route.

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