I'm In ! ! !




Picked up a NEW '07 XR650L...in Phx, Az.

$5800 OTD, but got the 3 yr. extd warranty for another 6 Benjamins....$6400.

UHauled it back up the mountain to Flagstaff for break-in. About 5000 feet elevation gain. I'm sure it's gonna need some adjusments.

I'm such a noob, I know I'm gonna need help...hope this bike doesn't put me in the poor house...hehe.

I also weigh about 250lbs...any linky's or tips on dialing in the suspension?

Happy Trails.

Congrats and welcome! I r jealous! I wished I could afford a new bike right now! Have fun and ride safe!


Smoke is that you in your avatar? cool link thanks, Oh welcome new big guy I sure hope thats not you in your avatar, if it is poor poor pig, your gonna need some springs.

I weigh 225 and still using the stock spring just had to crank it down a little.

Nice to see you finaly made the plunge.

now get out there and wear out your first set of tires.


Thats Eminem in his avatar

Justicedone,I guess that only a school teacher would Know that, other than them young uns! :thumbsup:

Congrat's to you :thumbsup:

Outstanding! Should run fine at that altitude as is.

Congrats Man!

I just picked up an 06 myself and also weight 250lbs so i am looking for suspension info too!!! :thumbsup:

Enjoy the bike!

I am not a teacher, or young anymore (only in my head) but I do work for the School District (carpenter-painter)..lol

I do like Eminems music though, hes a pretty dope ass &%$#@!

Congrats on the new bike, I think you could have saved the warranty money for mods, since the bikes bulletproof !

But enjoy and get some pics up when you hit the trails.

I think you could have saved the warranty money for mods, since the bikes bulletproof !

:lame: I agree, buy anyway, congrats :thumbsup:

That's a good price. Paid $6142 OTD for mine in ALB. NM last weekend.

Was hoping to stay stock for awhile, but thinkin' some mods gonna be in order real soon. Trying to give it a chance first... patience so hard to come by...

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