Where's Wes?

It looks like Wes Woodin has been banned for pushing his product too much.

I thought I would chime in with my experiences with both Wes, and his new product - The Creative Racing Concepts Sharkfin.

First, let me say that I am in no way affiliated with either Wes, or his new company/product. I'm just a normal slob who came across his product on these forums. I discovered Wes' polycarbonate shark fin while searching the yz450 forum for a skid/glideplate for my bike. His product looked cool and I thought I'd give "the little guy" a chance.

The plate arrived quickly (overnight dhl), and I mounted it up first thing. After trying it out at the track the next day, I was bummed to find that it had cracked at the mounting holes. I contacted Wes and let him know. Wes called me imediately to figure out what might have went wrong. Did I torque things down too tight? Were chemical cleaners responsible? Regardless, he sent a new plate out overnight, completely at his expense.

When the new plate arrived, I again mounted it up and tested it at the track.

The new plate, cracked just as the original, so I contacted Wes again. After talking with Wes, we decided to wait until the aluminum version was available.

After about a month I recieved the new plate. It's made from an aluminum alloy (rather than polycarbonate) and polished to a chrome-like shine. The plate works flawlessly, and it will defintely hold up to all of the abuse I can dish out.

I understand that Wes may have pushed his product a bit hard - rules are rules and all, but I just wanted to give him my full endorsement. Wes went above and beyond to make things right with me.

Give Wes' product a look if your in the market for a skidplate for your 06/07 450.


rules are rules...and if this happened he should have asked for permission before pushing his product so much....(I did not notice if he did or not)

maybe he is on probation.... :lame:

Wes sure spends a ton of money on his bikes...they are totally blinged out.... :thumbsup:

Agreed. Rules are rules. Hopefully Wes will be back soon though.

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