WR450 and BAJA

just got back from a two day trip to baja with a group of 50 guys it was awesome. there is only one thing i must say about the wr it is a beast i loved riding my new bike. it was the first time i road it with the free mods and boy let me tell you this bike kicked butt

before the trip i did the following:

Acerbis 3.4 tank

GYT-R Skid plate

Unabiker Radiator Guards

15T Front Sproket

Heavy Duty 4M Tires

Suspension Done

PMB Insert

JD Jet Kit

Grey Wire

Air Box Mod

Throttle Screw Cut

after the trip:

Steering Stablizer

other then these the bike hauls but with 50t rear and 15t front i hit 90 down the beach


Sounds like you had a great time :thumbsup: , now get back to your school work. :lame: Dad

You sure had your bike prepared with the right mods! The WR450 is the weapon of choice for the Baja! Stone cold reliable! :lame: It can handle miles and miles of sand without wearing you out like the twitchier handling bikes. :thumbsup:

Glad you had a great time... The WR really is a great bike for Baja... :thumbsup:

Well you have all the right parts on it. I been using mine to pre run for a RECORD race. the only thing i would change is the gearing, running 15/50 now think I'll try 15/47.

Hot tip somebody gave me was to swap that stock bulb to a 20% brighter made a difference when your trying to look for Mike's or the old tug boat in the dark.

Eddie :thumbsup:

yup we pasted the boat... the next baja trip is to mikes i think we are doing that in nov some time

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