my first thumper

just bough an 05 yz450f...i freakin love this thing.. ive always been a 2-stroke fan but when i rode this bike i knew it was the one. ive been riding for about ten years. i have a cr500 and a ktm 360sx. i love big bore 2 stroke power and i was looking at getting another one. but then i rode this 450 and now im hooked. it was a guys race bike and i was sorta skeptical when i first heared about it but its in amazing shape. he had the motor built by bpm racing. they ported and polished it. blue printed it. new piston, crank, valve train, the works. so basically it hauls a lot of ass. its kinda scary: and this is coming from a guy that has no problem riding a tricked out cr500..i think im in love. :thumbsup: ne way just wanted to introduce myself and say hi

Welcome to TT!

Welcome. If I had the money I would take that cr500 of yours and throw it in a 01 cr250 frame. I mean isn't that what the cr500af are?

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