what is the average age of the wr owner

37, riding since I was 14

19, only been riding 1 year, and loving it. wr426f Next is a supermoto conversion!!!

I'll be 60 in a week, still have to slow up a bit so the younger ones can catch up.

Been a lurker here for info, but I caught this thread. 31 and been riding 20+ yrs. Owned many bikes, but bought a plated '02 WR426 this last May with the intention of making it a supermoto. Now I've done a couple of races and I'm completly HOOKED. MOST fun on any bike I've ridden.

50....... Started on a Sears 3hp Briggs at age 6.

Moved to a Honda Mini Trail at age 9 on Christmas day. Mom was p*****. Dad must have been cut off for a year because he never bought me another bike and told me I had to pay for them. I found out why after I got married.

Had to deliver papers a mow yards to get a Honda 100 at 12.

CC for CC, you arent seeing a 4 beat a 2.

anyway, getting back on track, Im 41, got my 1st YZ80D for Christmas of 77.

That's sweet! I'm 41 and my first motocrosser was a brand new '76 YZ80C.

I have a 01 WR250F but i rode my uncles 2003 WR450F for 7 months and i loved it. Im only 15 haha wat now.

50. riding since '73.

48, started with an Arctic Cat mini w/3.5hp Tecumseh at 11...

20, but i've been riding for 11 years...just picked up my 06 wr450 and this is the most fun i've ever had on a bike, out of all 8 bikes i've owned including the 2other streetbikes and my current f4i. love the site guys thanks for everything :thumbsup:

45. Started on a Honda Mini Trail the first year they came out. Think it was about 1965 or 66, which would make me 4 or 5 at the time. Got a Yamaha GT60 "Mini Enduro" when they came out in '71, then graduated to a '72 CT1 175, an RT1 360, and then made the jump to an RM125A in '76. Rode that 'till '82, when I boutght an '81 RM465X. Still have it, and bought an 01 WR426 about 2 years ago.

35 / been riding three years. I wish I would/could have started younger.

I started on a YZ490, then a 2002 XR650R, and as of last June my 2006 WR450.

39, Been riding since I was 9. Thanks Dad.

43, I bought my first Bike with my very first job's pay check! :p

My Mother told me year, after year, after year.... during my troubled youth ("I WILL NEVER BUY YOU A DIRT BIKE!"). :lame:

God bless your DAD! :thumbsup: My son also will have every available opportunity to excel in any endeavorer in which he wishes to pursue.

I'm 23 and I've had my 02WR426 since since May of 02. It's a great bike!! So for those of you that can't count, I was 19 when I got my WR. So chalk up one more for under 21.

I'm 19 and have had my 2003 WR450F for over a year, so I was 18 when I got it. Been riding since I was 5.

38 til next month. Been riding for the last 6 years again after a 12 year break. I feel like I'm 23 again or younger so as I fire the bike up!


'06 WR450F free mods for now

'06 Kodiak 4x4 wifes no mods!

I'm 35 and will be 36 in November. I've been riding since I was about 27 and my first bike was a 80 Yamaha IT125. While it wasn't the monster that my WR450 is it was a fun bike to play on, kinda like a large pit bike.


I am 38 an started riding in 1975 on the XR75"wish I still had one" Two of my kids ride now 7 to 11 Mine is the WR400. I love it!

23 with the 98 WR400..bought it recently and it's still runnin like a champ

69, riding street bikes since 1952, started riding dirt bikes in 1984.

'99 WR400

'01 XR400

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