what is the average age of the wr owner

41 now - first one at 19 a Beta 125 (6 gears....had to be pushed uphill), at age 21 a Honda XL 600 LM which I kept for 15 years(ish) and then my 3'rd bike a '98 wr400 bought 5 years ago. Trying to convince the wife I need an '07 for my 42'nd birthday but.... having just spent 1800 CHF on repairing the trashed transmission.......you know what kind of look I'm getting !!

34, been riding since I was 10... I've now got a 6 year old son that has been riding for almost 2 years... funny thing is that he acts more mature than me when we're out riding.... I start up a bike and I become 10 again.... I love it :thumbsup:

Hey limey, what year was your DT175? I still have my Dads 78 DT175 he bought for himself when he got me my YZ. Ive been thinking of getting it going again.

Hello Johnny, It was a 1978 The Mx I believe the first road legal bike with monoshock, great bike in it's day. Sounds like an interesting project, Post some pictures if you do :thumbsup:

36 now, been riding on and offroad since 1982 (12y/o).

I have returned to an off road bike after a 28 yr hiatus. 24 Hr fitness has let my 60 yr old frame absorb the abuse so far.

YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ancient One

I am 24, been riding since age 6. First bike was a 70's honda z50. After that a 79 yz80, then a Warrior 350 quad, and now my 99 WR400 that I've owned for 3 1/2 yrs.

OK, turn 46 Sunday. Mine is an 04 WR450F. Bought it new in 9/04. I have been riding since I was about 12 yrs old. Have a small fleet now.

36 and having more fun riding now then when I started 21 years ago. My first ride was at age 5 on my Dad's 1968 Honda CT90. Sitting on the front of the seat with my feet on the air cleaner he would ride with me all over town and up in the hills around our house. No helmet and loving every minute of it. This tradition continued with my younger brother until a cop pulled them over and said "What the hell are you doing?". Seems that things were safer then with ignorance. :thumbsup: I just finished restoring the bike and you can catch me around town on it. I look like a bear on a yellow circus bike. :lame:

hey every body i got mine like 6 mnths ago canadian wr426(o1) im 15 i think that makes me the youngest. goes like s**t with me on it

I have returned to an off road bike after a 28 yr hiatus. 24 Hr fitness has let my 60 yr old frame absorb the abuse so far.

YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ancient One

Cool, now I feel young again :thumbsup:

Cool, now I feel young again :thumbsup:

Oh hell yes! Now I don't feel so guilty after reading all these posts from all the old guys out there! The only "blue pill" I need to keep me going is my Yammie. The best part about riding at 52 years old is when you walk through the pit area and hear some kid mutter to his buddy, "That old son of a bitch used me for a berm...." It ain't that we're so fast really, it's just that we've "been there, crashed that" before, and experience definately fills the void. The stamina isn't what it used to be out on the trails, but the old dogs unwillingness to quit and be "showed up" by the youngsters is motivation enough to keep coming back week after week. Those Mondays after, sure bring out the soreness though. By the way, a couple of weeks ago, I got blasted by a 72 year old "gentleman" on an old Huskie! By the time I got back to the trailhead, he already had all his gear off and was puffing on a fat cigar! His only comment was..."what kept ya, son?"

just interested i am 38 and there is a lot of wisdom on this site i bet we have been all riding for years :p:thumbsup:

Well Bro....I did the math! The average age of the 63 responses came out to 36.8 years old. The youngest piped in at 14, and there was Creeky (my hero), at 69 years young! Indeed, a lot of experience in this forum... :lame:

I'm 46. Started riding on a Sears mini bike when I was about 11 which I eventually modified into a chopper in the barn :thumbsup:

37, but I won't make 38 if I don't get my suspension dialed in soon. Rock break scissors.....and bones.

I'm 22 and my dad just turned 50... We both got 06 WR450s and just got them plated. I was riding occationally for 2 years before I got the WR. My dad has been riding since he was like 8... I didn't even know they had motorcycles back then! :thumbsup:

25. been riding for 6 years.

I'm 30. Only had my WR for a year, but been riding 22 years. Started on a big red 200 three wheeler then quickly moved to a SL70 and that's all she wrote! Now I have 5 year old that is already on a fourwheeler and hopfully a crf50 by end of the year.

28- been riding for three years and wish i'd gotten into it younger. i guess i'll just have to ride til i'm 80 :thumbsup:

23, riding for awhile.

A young 32 on an 04 wr450

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