what is the average age of the wr owner

40 but I got some new parts put in last year :busted:so that makes me younger now wright

52 First ride was a Taco 44 mini bike, age 12.

Nice avatar cliper. Where did you find it? :devil:

BTW... I never tell my age. :thumbsdn:

First 4-stroke EVER!!! 2006 WR450

I Bought it last week..Haven't ridden it, still uncorking it..

29 yrs. old been riding 2-strokes for 8yrs.

thx mate :devil:

Nice avatar cliper. Where did you find it? :thumbsdn:

BTW... I never tell my age. :thumbsdn:

thx mate :devil:

cliper you started this, so what is the average age of the WR owner?

My Oldometer just rolled 28. Aint it Great. :devil:

34. First ride was on 15 :devil:

35 and hopefully alteast another 35 more years!

im 16 (on a 06 wr250f) been riding since i was 5.

45 yeaars old 06 wr450

06 fz6 :devil:

I've been through about 20 bikes and I'm 24. The WR 450 is the best all around good time I've ever had a chance to experience. And the 4 stroke wisdom of some of the older fella's on this site is quite amazing. Thanks guys.

I'm 32, mostly been into road bikes up until now (old and modern) but I love my WR400. It is such a good laugh and great to wheelie!!!!

i was told the elect start was the '' over 40 button '' im 43

29, riding 10 years

06 wr250 Im 20

BOught my 03' new when I was eighteen, now I'm twenty.

42, and a rookie

I started riding with a XR100 about 5 years ago. I got rid of it and got an XR250. I owned that bike for a year and stepped up to a 2001 YZ250. I rode one of the 250f's and I had to buy one of the 450's. I bought a 2003 yz450f about 3 months ago. Right now I'm recovering from surgery. I broke my right clavicle in 2 spots and it stuck out of my skin so I had to get a plate and 6 screws in my right clavicle. Rode it today. Crashed 2 weeks ago:ride: .

I'm 16 years old

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