what is the average age of the wr owner

wr450, 16 years old..riding since likr 4

I'm 33. On a '03 Wr450 now until my '07 Wr450 comes in a month.

I started on a mini trail 70 at six, had a Hodaka Dirt Squirt 100 until I got a '78 IT 175. From there a '83 CR 480, a '89 Yz 250, a '97 Kx 250, a '98Yz 400 F, and then the '03 R 450 F. Awww.... the memories!!!!

im 33, WR450 06

started at 14 yrs in a Honda XR100

i'm 45, riding since i was 12:

Yamaha 90

Yamaha DT175E

Yamaha XT500

Yamaha IT465

Yamaha WR450F (wooo hooo!!! :cheers:)


waiting for a WR450 07 now.

riding since 33... hehe

42, first bike, all the mod's, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(It bark's and it bites)

29, I just bought my 2003 WR450 this week.

It kinda depends. I'm 48, but when I'm riding mine I feel like I'm 23 again.:D It's after that I feel like I'm 60.:worthy:

30- This is my first bike (05 wr 450). :worthy: <-Me on my bike, all smiles!

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