XRR ride vibration/suspension


My XR650R has had the front and rear suspension resprung/revalved by Precision Concepts.

On smooth, fast-ish roads I notice a regular, periodic vibration. The ride is smooth for a second, then has a jiggle, then smooth, then jiggle, about once every two seconds. The “jiggle” feels like rapid, high frequency, low amplitude bouncing.

I can’t imagine this is engine dependent with the bike running at thousands of RPMs. I haven’t been able to tune it out using the clicker adjustments.

Any thoughts?

Or is this just natural behavior for an unsophisticated long-travel suspension on smooth roads? Or an artifact of the lumpy thumper motor?

I come from a multicylinder streetbike background....

My thought and suggestion is you read the above sticky... :thumbsup:

It's hard telling, my stock suspension doesn't do it. The motor gets vibey at high RPM's, but thats a consistent vibration. Also, it could be the tires/wheels out of balance. XR's have rimlocks, which are heavy, and nothing to balance them out. It could even be goofy tires.

My thought and suggestion is you read the above sticky... :thumbsup:

done (read the sticky in the forum topic list) and fixed (changed XRR to XR650R)

This happened to me as well. Your wheels are both out of balance. They are different sizes, so they run in and out of phase. When they're in phase, the vibration is very bad, then they go out of phase and it gets much better.

Dirt tires are pretty tough to balance because big knobbies get chunks taken out of them etc. I went with street tires on an extra set of wheels and they are well balanced and much much smoother.

done and fixed.

So, you balanced the tires?

[i never saw the "stickie" that was referred to...]

I run duel rim locks front and back wheels. What a difference at high speeds. My rims are not completely balanced but, they are close. The first time I did the duel rim locks I spun the front tire till the wheel was real close to balanced and you would think it was a different bike at speeds over 100mph there wasn't any vibration, in the dirt I couldn't tell, I am just hoping everything goes right but, at slower speeds like 80mph you don't feel the vibration in the bars at all. I have ran this way for a while and till I went 680cc I had only been close to 100mph about four times in the dirt. Now it's anytime there is room and safe. At Sanfilipe it was perfect smooth at 118mph on Zoo road with this setup. It is a little more difficult putting the front tire on, no big deal for the rear. I have three sets of rims so, I put two stock rim locks in stock set and Two Talons in each of the Excel rims and just Chin Chen in the other stock rim with the sand paddle setup.

thanks all for the feedback!

i hadn't thought of wheel balance so I'll check that as well as take a look at the round items to ensure they're true.

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