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hey there mech heads, new to the forum so id like to say hi! I come from the Goped scene, no not the annoying kids on scooters that ride by ur house at 20 mph, im a sponsored rider and i race in the ISA league ( where brandon currie first started out for those of you who know who he is.

This year the Goped company ( PMW) came out with a new product called the GTR


It has full swingarm suspension in the front and the rear, i myself bought one a month after its realease, now Goped is a company which is very competitive, the well known rival for goped is BoXer located in Santa Cruz California.

With the release of this new scooter, the ISA opened a new class called '' Motard Open 65cc''. To Compete with the Goped BoXer Released this ''scooter'' called the ATB


In the league we find it non traditional for them to basically build a dirtbike or trial bike as we see it for the motard class, they have a great advantage over us racing the GTR, but they are in compliance just by a thin hair with the rules for this new class.

Motor Specs GTR

GP46R CY motor 4.5 HP 30 MPH

Motor Specs ATB

BZM 40 motor 4+ HP 30+ MPH

my question for you trial bike users is would you consider the ATB a trial bike?

Here i am racing at real ride skatepark last july


some videos to give you guys an idea of what we do


my question for you trial bike users is would you consider the ATB a trial bike?


Funny to watch.

I assume you meant to post this elsewhere. This is the TRIALS bike forum....not TRAIL bike.


no trials bike, no trail bike

btw, you do not 'race' a trials bike

The answer is no. But Scootercross looks like alot of fun. I was unaware of the sport, and i love anything with wheels on dirt.

Check out some videos of Trials on youtube and you will see what motorcycle trials is all about.

woops sorry for posting in the wrong forum, im just recently getting into pit bikes. I just watched some videos and i can see the difference now.

and yes its a very fun sport, its growing again after it took a dive and were getting soem good names out there

Still i would like to ask if you guys thinks its an uneven advantage for them to be racing basically a 50 with no seat against a scooter?

Those videos remind me of the show "Jackass".


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