Need spring rate advice Please!

I just bought my son a 2007 CRF250. He is 5'2 and weighs about 130. He rides in the mid pack beginner and just came off an 85.

I have called thre different suspension shops this morning and got three different reccomendations on springs for this situation

Factory Connection .41 forks 4.8 Shock

MB1 .43 forks 5.1 Shock

Pro-Action .39 forks 4.3 Shock

So I ask you, what gives? I am not going to do a revalve just yet but I at least want to get the correct springs in it for his weight.

I always say the race sag/ staic sag check is the dye in the wool check.....

Check race sag and static sag and report the numbers. Repeat the check a few times and take averages....


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