stroker kit need help

I need info on a stroker crank. I tried to send freewheelers a PM, but his mail storage is full. Is there anybody out here who knows how to get a message to him? If so this is what I need to know.

I have a 2004 DRZ 400 s with a seized bearing on the crank. I need to know if my crank is still a good donor for your stroker set up. I want to know how much it would cost for you to fix up my crank assembly with one of your stroker offset pins. the crank is already out of the bike and ready to be shipped.

Thanks in advanced to anyone willing to help

Someone else was looking for him a few weeks ago. freewheelers is down with a messed up foot if I remember right. Will be up again in a while. A search of freewheelers would bring up more details.

Ya I remember reading something about that, I hope he is OK. I guess I'll keep trying to send him a PM every couple of days until I get a hold of him. Unless someone else has a way to contact him otherwise?

In the meantime, If any of you out there have any valuable info feel free to comment

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