Contest (you name it)...DonO's next invention

For those of you that ride Harescramble events and know the feeling of wanting somebody or something to hold your bike up.

The name now is the "stick stand", but that's as catchy as crap!!!

Give me your suggestions.

Don :thumbsup:

btw, Phil I owe you some Captain!!!!

How about, Leaning Stand, Prop Stand or Bike Post?

What else? I say call it the DonO's Fork You Stand.

Stay with the message, it's Fork You Buddy. :thumbsup:

Hey man after the DP thing, I'll haul the rv over to jetty park again. You can bring some captain and I'll bring some coke - the wet kind of course :lame:, maybe if I am given the grace of the stock gods I'll be able to sponsor us a charter trip to drink the Capt on.

Since I live like 5-minutes from there Phil, perhaps we can line up a day on my little boat. You bring the Cpt. I'll bring the coke

btw, Phil I owe you some Captain!!!!

How about "The Kaptain Kickstand"?!?!?! :thumbsup::lame:


heck yeh man. cobia still running good right now?

We'll make some plans at DP Phil


I call my stand Sue, wife, better half etc. Had no idea you lived near jetty park. We would to bring the house over for a weekend.



I don't live near Jetty Park, that's where Phil does his trolling for women (puts a bottle of Capt. out on a table and sees what he can reel in :lame: .


Sounds like a plan, I'll bring the bait.

Now for the name: Come on you guys are sharper than that!!! Think catchy phrase with undertone!!

Don :thumbsup:

Stickem' up


THAT"S MORE LIKE IT (this ain't yelling, its excitement!!!) :lame:

Cool thought, keep 'em coming folks.


Don :thumbsup:

Almost plagerism......

Stick 'n Go


Holy Stick

Oh Stick

Stick it

Sick Stick

My Stick


Mr. Stick

Stick happens

Dog Stick

Bike Stick

Bic Stick

Stick'em up has my vote

Stick'em up has my vote

Ditto :thumbsup:

Don how about Scramble Stand sence its made for harescramble's. Good luck with the new ideal. Let me know when the fork brace goes into production I need a couple. Later Rob

I don't know guys, I likey,


Don :thumbsup:

Keep 'em coming!!! I'm writing 'em down

Scramble Stick

Stick it 2 M

Stick N Scramble

Stick N Scram

Race Stiffie (Big Stiffie for full sized bikes and Little Stiffie for mini's) :thumbsup:

Stiffie for Racin'

Racing Rod

Run and Gun

Kick and Go

Stand and deliver

Start stick

Holeshot holder

Holeshot helper

The DonO Hold U

The Woody

Big Woody

Little Woody

Fork It Up

Aw dam you guys are making me LMAO here at work, I also likey:

Stick It 2 M

and give the WOODY thing another twist to it (rephrase it)!!!

Don :thumbsup:

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